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 The UnShaken

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Sir Artorias of The Abyss

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PostSubject: Re: The UnShaken   Sat Sep 13, 2014 5:52 pm

Juri sighed. "Because I wasn't thinking clearly. I-i dunno, maybe it was just the thou-" Juri abruptly stopped and let out a soft, rather painful sounding moan, and with a lurch leaned against the nearest thing which could support her, which happened to be Alec. She started to have a coughing fit, coughing into her hand. When it was over, and Juri withdrew her hand, there was a moderately worrying amount of blood. At this point, Juri had stopped leaning against Alec, and as she looked at the blood in her hand, she started to think of the dead body of Ellie, her sister, when the girl had tried to disarm one of the soldiers. It hadn't worked very well, and Juri had cried out softly as she was running to pull her sister back, when the awful sound of the assault rifle discharging and the sound of the bullets ripping through flesh and impacting against bone rang out. She, unlike the others, had rushed over to her sister. The others were staring in shock at the spot where the occurence had happened, while Juri was speaking to her sister, who was certain to die, but had gotten unlucky, and it would be agoniaing and painful, albeit moderately quickly. "Ellie. Ellie, look at me. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be alright. You aren't gonna die. Ellie, look at me! Focus on me, on what I'm saying!" Juri whispered, the whisper ascending to a near panicked tone and then a feeble vry of panic, Juri trying to convince both herself and her sister that it was gonna be okay. Finally, one of the others snapped out of their shock, and went to try and help, but was stopped by a soldier shouting, "Don't move any closer, or I'll shoot you myself." The teen reluctantly returned to his seat. Juri was frantically trying to stop the bleeding, to try and save or at least delay the inevitable. juri stopped and looked at her sister as the dying girl weakly said, "It's okay, Juri.....Don't blame yourself, I'm the one who acted without thinking and without caution........I just want you to know that I love you......and that no matter what, keep little Mya safe......Also, promise me......promise me that you won't lock your emotions away and hide from yourself.....For once, can you just be.....human? Please, try..........I love you, lieve zuster, and.....herinner me, en als je leeg voelt, laten al de rest....." Ellie said, a peaceful smile, yet serious expression on her face. She seemed to accept that she was dying, no matter what. "Ellie, no, you're gon-" Juri was cut off by her sister, who was having more trouble speaking, and her breaths were growing increasingly ragged and short, who said, "We both know.......that's not true.......Promise me, Jur, promise know that you're clinging to a false hope......" Ell said. Juri locked gazes with her sister, the fading hazel eyes growing dimmer by the second. "....Oke, ik wil....tote ziens...." Juri said, watching in solemn defeat as her sister gave her one last reassuring smile, and then stared into the sky with a cold, blank, dead look in her once vivid eyes. Juri let out the first sob as one last shudder ran through Ell's body, and then looked up and let out a scream. At this point, her sadness had turned into a boiling, raging, uncontrollable rage and desire to get back at the soldiers, the ones who had killed her sister. She quietly said, or rather growled, "Klootzakken! Moordenaars, dieven, vervloekte heidenen!" She then watched as Alec and Soul came into view, and then the situation getting worse and worse, until one of the soldiers readied his weapon to fire at Alek. Pure reflexes and anger, along with a desire to prevent more harm, had her sprinting into the way, and diving in front of Alec to take what would've otherwise been a fatal shot to Alec's brain, the trained soldier, having been at the exact angle to have the bullet smash through the most vital part of the brain, the one which controlled throught processes and gave commands to the body. Juri let out a very soft cry as the bullet, or perhaps bullets, she couldn't tell, ripped into her body and went into her stomach. They stopped there, lodging in the protective layer on the other side of her stomach, and Juri passed out from the pain that was involved in the ordeal.

As Juri came back to reality, her thoughts temporarily catching her in their, cold, iron vice of trauma, Her hand started to shake badly, and she couldn't help it as the image of the blood pooling around Ell's body and the wounds from the several rounds that had sprayed out of the rifle's muzzle and from recoil and natural spread flashed in her mind, and the blood, especially the blood, that was quickly staining Ell's shirt, made her feel like she had when she had been unable to stop Ell's death, the blood on her hand reminding her of the feeling and her horror, and she was starting to whimper, and was positively trembling. She was now, in her traumatized state, saying the same thing over and over again in a semi-coherent way: "Be human." Soul, holding the side of her head and grimacing as if something was extremely painful, came around the corner. She looked like she had recovered from her daze for the time being, and when she saw Alec, she smiled, and then a small frown of frustration appeared on her face. She felt like he was trustable, like he was the person she wanted to be with, but she didn't know why. She approached him, a confused look on her face, and she remembered what the doctors had said: "You will probably have gaps in your memory, and times when you have feelings that you don't understand why you have them. Over time, you should slowly recover your memory, however, the older the memory is, the more fragmented and incomplete it will be. You might not even be able to remember your earliest memories, unless prompted by something. Alec and others have been informed to try to slowly feed you memories from this place, so that we don't risk any harm from a total recall and the brain trying to process to much at the same time. This is what alec looks like, so you know who we're talking about. He'll have to take care of you, and for now, you'll have to come in for weekly checkups to make sure nothing is damage too severely. You're free to go, if you can walk. If not, we'll have someone else take you to Alec." The doctors had said, and Juri had taken a long time staring at the picture. It had been from before she had gotten there, and it showed another girl with him in the picture. While it was only a silly picture he had taken with a friend, Soul had still felt envious and somewhat betrayed at the image. She hadn't been informed of what it was from, so it left her with several questions. (said person in the picture is supposed to be just a girl he was friends with before Soul had gotten there, and it was just a kind of random thing) She approached Alec and the first question she asked was: "What happened? And what's going on with...." For a moment, Soul struggled to remember the name of the girl, and then she remembered, albeit with difficulty and very fragmentedly, that the girl's name was Juri. She'd seen the girl save Alec and the sister had run over, screaming 'Juri', which she assumed to be the name. "...Juri?" Soul finished, looking worriedly at the young girl who was staring at the blood on her hand from the internal bleeding that the doctors had been unable to resolve because they didn't have the proper equipment that Juri had coughed up. She was getting less understandable, and her eyes were somewhat hazy, as if she was starting to go into shock from her PTSD and the memory that was stuck in her head, and how similar the blood looked to the blood around Ell's wounds. Juri was acting rather normally, for a person who had gotten severe PTSD(I mean Post Dramatic Stress Disorder, for clarification, and I'm going to point out that Juri has a rather severe case of it, just to make sure you know), but the mumbling of 'Be Human' and 'Remember Me' was rather unusual.

(Sorry for being inactive, my school laptop can't get on this (blocked) and I completely forgot about my Xbox's internet explorer app. Good thing I have a keyboard!)
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PostSubject: Re: The UnShaken   Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:08 pm

i read it but i am confused... I'm half asleep also so that might be causing some of it...)
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PostSubject: Re: The UnShaken   Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:24 am

(Well this definitely died...)
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PostSubject: Re: The UnShaken   Tue Apr 28, 2015 10:16 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The UnShaken   

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The UnShaken
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