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 Rules Of The Site

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PostSubject: Rules Of The Site   Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:40 pm


  • [Be respectful, we're all here to have fun!
  • Include others.
  • Don't Troll, we haven't had a problem with this but it still is a helpful reminder.
  • Be considerate. I've added the in a chat box so we can talk and chat without disturbing the flow of rping, or relaying messages to one an other.
  • No starting drama between people. If we get a fight, both sides get banned for a 24-hour period.
  • No God Modding
  • Do NOT mix RP and IRL together.
        ~ EX: Just because your characters are together doesn't mean you two are a couple IRL.  
        ~EX: "Hey I like the song on your profile! What is it?" She asks.
  • Swearing is acceptable, but not too much of it. There are times for exceptions.
        ~EX. Dalton Nakutazuka from Zoo.
  • Use an ERP page if the time calls for it.
        ~DO NOT snoop around others ERP pages. That's creepy as hell. Don't do it.
        ~DO NOT force a member to ERP with you if they don't feel comfortable with it. Forcing a member to do unwilling ERP will get you banned.
  • If you wish create a new RP, met me (Scarzie) know and I'll make a folder for ya!
  • If you have questions just ask! Someone will answer you!
  • Rp in Third person please! It keeps things consistent and it's easier to understand when you have numerous characters running around.
  • If you're new and want to introduce yourself a little bit, please, feel free to make a topic in the Forums for Discussion category and then let us know in the chat so we can get to know you!

"Sketchy and Flawed." ~Scarzie
"Family isn't defined by the blood that runs through our veins, but is instead defined by the bonds that we make, the memories we share, and the risks for one and other we take." ~Aden Burns (Pyro)
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Rules Of The Site
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