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Posts : 38726
Join date : 2013-09-12
Age : 19
Location : iZaria

PostSubject: IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!!!!   Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:53 am

Hey, guys I've got some stuff to tell everyone, which is gonna kind of explain me not being around as much as before.
So first off, I've been super stressed lately and not feeling super motivated, even to get onto the site to Rp, as most of you have probably noticed.
One of the reasons I am so stressed out is because of my laptop. It's getting up there in the ages, about 6-7 years old now, and seriously will take anywhere fro 15 minuets (If it's feeling generous) to an hour and a half load and start. I also can't just put it into sleep mode after I start it up because once I wake it up and start do do something, it will crash, and go to a crash log. Then I lose what ever I was just working, and everything else. My laptop is also not loading in processors correctly. By this I mean sometimes it loads in the system, but everything looks like it from Windows Vist or order instead of Windows 7 like it is. My Laptop is also not working with my drawing tablet. At first it would work ever now and then, just had to restart the computer and then it worked. Then it started to freak out when I turned the tablet on (For EX. the mouse would jump around the screen, like a mad man, even though the pen was indicating it to be in one spot. Then to day I  found out that My laptop wouldn't even register my tablet as a device, So I can no longer animate or draw on my computer which was one of my major ways of de-stressing. Now I don't have two things to to help me de-stress, Rping, and Drawing/ animating, which basically means I need a new computer.
A second reason I'm so stressed it because I'm pretty my out of money at this point. In the pass month, I have spent about $3500 on my family, between paying bills for the parents, helping the sister in college pay for classes until her Financial Aid shit can  be figured out, helping the other sister pay off a few bills (Such as phone), and me buying some things for myself, I only have about $1000 to my name. So I don't have money to pay for a new laptop, a Car which my dad keeps insisting I need to get (Which due to living in WI means I'd HAVE to have insurance or be fined for not having insurance), I barely have enough money to pay for my the monthly payments on my new phone which means I'll probably burn through my last little bit on money really quickly. I am taking a bit of a leave at the end of March to get out of town, So I will be gone for about a week. I don't plan on getting on from MArch 23rd to the 29th, maybe 30th.
Third reason I'm so stresses is because I can't take up more time at my winter Job, because we have too many staff members and they often are sending people home early. Normally per store, there is a total of 20 workers. My store at the moment has over 50 workers. I only work 8 hours a week, and can't get much more time because of this. I'm also kind of tempted to quit the job because it gives me really bad anxiety, which in return drives depression up. It's just a pain in the ass. I will also be starting up at the Zoo , my spring/ summer job again in April which is both good, and bad. Good because I get money. Bad because then I have to balance the Zoo, with my night shift job, with my family's home business with me being able to relax in what little time I have.
Fourth reason I'm stressed out is because of a couple of our pets. Two pets both need to be neutered, which is about $200 or so for the both of them. And one of those two also need knee surgery which is gonna cost about $1800-$2100, which we don't have.
Fifth reason I'm stressed is because I'm trying to figure out all my shit for College, which at this point I'm kind of tempted not to go, but that won't do my good cause then I will never do anything with my life and I'll die in the tiny little shit hole, tourist trap of a town (Though I really don't think I could live somewhere much larger than it).
The sixth reason I'm so stressed is because I can't sleep which os due to me being stressed, and everything becomes a big ass circle and it just gets worse.
Anway, enough of my being a debby downer,  I will try to post on the forums at least once a day. I have a really nice smartphone now, so everything should be good with that and  I can get on through there. Secondly I will be building a desktop computer, I already have the tower, which is 1/4th the battle. Now All I need to do is get money for the guts and monitor and then I'm good. I was talking to my Tech Teacher from high school and he said I should look into GoFundMe, but I hate taking peoples, money when I haven't worked for it, so kind of a last resort. Thirdly I have  lost about 40 lbs (On a good day)! That has nothing to do with anything, but hey, why not share that! Fourth, I have saved all my important information on several flash drives so when I get my Computer set up, I can get right back into the swing of things! So I hope all of you are doing will, and I will talk to you all later!

"Sketchy and Flawed." ~Scarzie
"Family isn't defined by the blood that runs through our veins, but is instead defined by the bonds that we make, the memories we share, and the risks for one and other we take." ~Aden Burns (Pyro)

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Ink Jackal

Posts : 13840
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Age : 19
Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!!!!   Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:03 am

I don't understand why you give your money to your family, especially how badly you talk about your sisters. Your sisters' bills and college payments are their responsibility, you shouldn't be paying that for them. They should learn to make their own damn money and let you have yours because you're stressed out and out of money enough as it is.
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Posts : 38726
Join date : 2013-09-12
Age : 19
Location : iZaria

PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!!!!   Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:15 am

They don't have anything either, that's the problem. And they do work. My eldest sister worked three Job, Dad works two and so do mom and I. And down in the Madison area it's hard to find good paying jobs. Also the sister in college got robbed so, she really doesn't have any money. And I helped my parents because I still live at home and they're as poor as I am. For the longest time I was the richest family member. And as for the Phone bill, I'm on her plan so it was only fair that I paid for it. They will pay me back in time, (I will make sure of that) it's just a matter of when they have the money.
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PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!!!!   

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