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 Final Trial Info

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PostSubject: Final Trial Info   Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:30 pm

Humanity was bound to end at some point. Most thought it would end quickly with a bang, like with a meteorite, but they where wrong.  It started slow, then ravaged our hopes, our chances of surviving. The earth burned up, causing the disease to spread like wild killing off thousands, then a Meteorite did hit and the dust and ash send the world into a freezing hell. Just when we though trying to avoid an incurable disease was bad, now we have to worry about food and the cold along with the living dead. Here's to trying to survive.

This is a Zombie Survival Rp. Unlike Ethereal and Indelicate, there are no super powers, no main bad guys, just the living dead. Your character(s) are members of a traveling caravan of survivors. They never stay too long and have found ways to survive. Along with worrying about undead there are people who would be more than glad to see the caravan stopped and dead. I'm gonna limit people to 3 characters, not including quick kill characters.  

SN: Charrie Name: Gender: Age: Looks: Personality: Relationships: History: Other

Scarzie- Jax, Tamer, Li

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Posts : 39676
Join date : 2013-09-12
Age : 19
Location : iZaria

PostSubject: Re: Final Trial Info   Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:56 pm

Caravan Members:

Scarzie: Jackson (Jax) Lowell: Male: 42: Jax is an average sized man about 5 foot 6 inches and a half. He is tan skinned with a battle scared body. He has buzzed brown hair, that if it grows too long will become curly. He sports a clean short beard. He has heterochromacy or two different colored eyes. One eye (left) is blue and the other (right) is brown. He wears cargo pants with large hiking boots and wears a large sweater made of wool as a shirt. : Jax is a light-hearted, second chance giving loving type of person. He is a big family orientated person and loves everyone in his caravan. He will jump in front of a bullet if it meant saving his family. However if his family is injured Y'all better run the other way cause he's coming for ya. : Basically father of the Caravan, Niece is Tamer. : Jax is a former military that was employed when the outbreak first happened. He abandoned the military when his little sister died shortly after birth and her body wasn't able to be recovered. Since then he has been picking up lost and wanted people and having them join his caravan.:He is hunted by the military.

Scarzie: Kodiak (Tamer) Noctis : Female : 16: She is a short stack who has stopped growing at five foot exact. She has tan skin and bright red hair that is shaved on one side and long and wavy on the other. She some times braids it but not too often. Her eyes are a gray, hazed over color. She's not blind despite her eyes making her look like she is, she actually has perfect vision. She uses the blind look to her advantage. She normallt wears shorts with tears in them. She wears large knee high steel-toed muck boots. She wears an old sports bra with a long sleeve leather jacket. It has metal spikes in the shoulders and the buttons are missing and replaced with bones of animal teeth. : Despite her size and gender do not let Tamer fool you, she can and will beat your ass. She's not the most friendly and in fact really hates most people. She does however have a strange connection with animals, and the diseased. She gives no shits. She loves toddlers and will often swoon over them, if no one is watching. : Uncle: Jax : She was raised by her uncle and the people of the caravan. Ever since she was young she loved animals and hated people for some odd reason. Her mother was killed by the Military after they found that her mother had been keeping a diseased dog as a pet. : She has a pet diseased Dog names Rex. He has never attacked anyone unless she commanded him to.

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Posts : 39676
Join date : 2013-09-12
Age : 19
Location : iZaria

PostSubject: Re: Final Trial Info   Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:56 pm

Others/ Loners:

Scarzie: Nicholia (Li) Cutter : Male: 18: He has pale skin and dirty blonde hair that is spikey but not that long. He has green eyes and a scar over one eye. The scar is barely healed and he is bruised up. He wears slave rags and has raw wrists and ankles. (When he is saved he wears jeans, boots and a gray long sleeve shirt.) : Li is a silent type of person and not very outgoing. When he was free he was a kind young man and sweet hearted, but he turned silent and cold when he was taken as a slave.: None: Li lived in a home hidden deep in the woods hidden from the eyes of others. However one day when he was out checking perimeter with his father, they where attacked. His father was beaten and killed, and Li was dragged back to the house where his mother and little sister where raped. His mother was killed and he and his little sister where taken into the slave trade. His sister was sold instantly where Li went into a work camp for farming in the cold landscape. He is currently being held as a Slave on his way for auction. :
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PostSubject: Re: Final Trial Info   

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Final Trial Info
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