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 A Wild Ride (Centaur Rodeo) Info

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PostSubject: A Wild Ride (Centaur Rodeo) Info   Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:30 pm

This rp is based upon and inspired by [url= ]hubedihubbee's[/url] art on Centaur rodeos and Centaur drawings.

Young ambitious centaurs and riders from all over come to New Dawn Ranch and Academy to learn to be the best in the rodeo business. They have specialist from buckers, to racers and everything in between. Saddle up, get ready and hang on, things are about to get Wild.

Centaur Form:
SN: Character Name: Gender: Age: Height: looks: Personality: history: Event: Rider: relationships: Other

Human Form:
SN: Charrie Name: Gender: Age: Looks: Personality: History: Mount: Relationship: Other
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Posts : 39464
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PostSubject: Re: A Wild Ride (Centaur Rodeo) Info   Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:43 pm


Scarzie: Amos Bruckner: Male: 58 years: (18 hands) 6 foot at the withers.: Amos is a massive draft horse, with a black body that has a white star on his chest. He has feathered feet but is missing one of his front legs below the knee. He has a short tail. His skin is a dark tan skin color and  has scars on his chest. He has a scar from his temple down to his shoulder. He has deep brown and short buzzed, salt and peppered hair. : Amos is a kind gentle man, he doesn't hold much to himself and is more than willing to give what he has for someone who has less than himself. : Amos is an old Military horse. He lost his leg when a grenade exploded and debris was thrown all over him. Despite him losing his leg, he was able to still save three humans and one young Centaur before he passed out. He since than has jumped around from job to job, never staying long. He finally made his way back to the Sinton family which was one of the women he had saved in war. Since than for the past 16 years he has been like an Uncle to them, and has helped out on the farm. When Cheza and Asher went to New Dawn, he went with to watch after them for his mother and father. : To old to compete: Anyone who needs one.: Uncle to Asher and Cheza: (Based Upon and Percheron Draft Horse).

Scarzie: Chase "Thunder Storm" Dunbur: Male: 37: (15.6 hands) 5.2 feet at the Withers.: Storm is a strong heafty built horse. His coat is a Grullo gray color with a few white spots speckling his body. He has three white socks and one black stocking. He has fair  skin and gray shoulder length hair that has white streaks in his hair. His hair is normally pulled back into a pony tail. He sports deep green eyes and has freckles dotting his torso and face. : Storm is a calm but stern man who is always trying to better the youth. He is a bit of a sucker for babies and children. He will seem harsh but is a really big softly. He doesn't tolerate attitude though. : Storm was born to a wild herd in the mountains and grew up with his younger sister and herd mates. Once he was a teenager he broke away from the herd one night and ended up coming across a camp of riders and their Centaurs. He talked to them and discovered the life outside his herd. He left his herd and became a young Rodeo star, having the ability to buck hard enough to make the rider think he was in an wild storm. : Bucking: Varies: His sister Willow and his Father John: He is the director for New Dawn. (Based Upon a Mustang)

Scarzie: D'mitry "Double Shock" Rhine: Male: 25: (14 Hands) 4.5 feet at the withers. : He is a stocky horse with the classic przewalski's horse coloration. He Has pale skin and blonde hair cut into a mohawk with black tips. He has brown eyes and is arms have tattoos of lightning bolts on them with a horse rearing at the end of the bolts.: Double is a Rowdy man, who loves picking fights, playing pranks and running. He enjoys flirting and star gazing. He's not big on teens or older children, but he loves babies. : His mother died when he was young, and he was raised as a nomad by his father. He was always a bit of a rebel with his father and the two never saw eye to eye. Double loved the idea of being in rodeos and Centaurs being with humans, where his father hated humans for how they viewed centaurs. Double ran away when he was 17 and was found by Storm when he was living on the streets, and half dead. : Bucking, barrel racing, calf roping.: Varied: Father Vlad and Secret Girlfriend Willow: (Based upon a Przewalski's Horse)

Scarzie: Cheza Sinton: Female: 16 : (14.9 hands) 4 foot 9 inches at the withers: She is a stunning white and black body, with a long long flowing hair. She has pale skin and bright blue eyes. She has long wavy hair that goes down to her knees. One side of her head is shaves but the other side isn't. She likes to have a single braid in her hair and in her tail.: Cheza is shy around other Centaurs as she didn't grow up around them and was raised more like a human that like a Centaur. She is kind and sweet and cares for all. She however does have a bit of a harsh side. She can throw a temper tantrum and get rowdy.: Cheza was found by her Parents, Apollo Sinton and Emily Sinton when she was just a baby. She was found, one winter night, almost frozen and half alive. She was taken in by the Sinton family and raised with her older brother Asher. The only other Centaur in the house was Amos but he never acted much like a Centaur either, being a little bit more humanized from war. She was always interested in the other half of her and when she was 14 and went to the rodeo she was determined to connect with the other part of her and become a rodeo star. : Everying and anything: None yet: Brother Asher and Uncle Amos: (Based upon a Gypsy Vanner)

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Posts : 39464
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Age : 19
Location : iZaria

PostSubject: Re: A Wild Ride (Centaur Rodeo) Info   Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:43 pm


Scarzie: Asher Sinton: Male: 18: Ash has pale skin and shaggy but spiky brown hair. He stands at 5 foot 4 inches. He has a slim but muscular figure. He wears jeans with chaps and boots. He wears a white shirt with a vest over top of it. His right wrist has a bandana tied to it and the other has a large watch on a large leather band. His neck dons a choker collar with a pendant on it. He wears large belt buckles and wears a cowboy hat over his head.: Ash is a bit of a bad boy and stone cold emotioned person. He loved the rodeo and actually gets almost jittery as he thinks about it. He is very protective of Cheza and will fight anyone even a centaur to make sure she is safe. He is a sharp shot but bad with a lasso. : He was two years old when his little sister was taken in by his parents. He always had a bit of love for her and swore to protect her. He is one of the reasons she fell in love with the rodeo as he took part in it when he was 12 years old. Before than he practiced on Amos when his father wasn't around. Ash wants to be bucking rider, but has had little to no practice. : None yet. : Uncle Amos and Cheza is his sister.:
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PostSubject: Re: A Wild Ride (Centaur Rodeo) Info   

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A Wild Ride (Centaur Rodeo) Info
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