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 Autumna Info

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Ink Jackal

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PostSubject: Autumna Info   Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:30 am

A century ago, a group of foreigners sailed to the island of Autumna, called "Iska" by the natives, and built the city of Port Kelmia along the coast of the island, between the sea and the mountains of the White Iron Ridge.
Never straying far from their city, the Kelmians keep a fragile peace between them and the native Iskans of the island.
One night wildfire spread down the coast and destroyed almost the entire city. The Kelmians who survived fled to the mountains where they were at the mercy of the White Iron Nomads, a group of mounted Iskan warriors, to guide them through the mountains to safety, but only if they can convince the nomads to help them.

The island called Autumna by the Kelmians, called Iska by Iskans. The island is covered mostly in birch trees and seems to be frozen in an eternal fall. The leaves and forests are mostly red, orange and yellow with some green leaves now and again. The weather is mostly overcast, foggy or rainy,  a sunny day is hard to come by. The island is largely populated by abnormally large red wolves and mountain lions, large enough that a person could ride them. These pose the largest danger to the Kelmians trying to get through the mountains.

Kelmians are great seafarers and mainly eat fish. They normally have pale skin, dark hair and hazel, green or blue eyes. Before it was burned down they hardly ever left the safe walls of their city.

Iskans normally have darker tan skin, auburn hair and dark brown, almost black eyes. They live in towns all over the island which sometimes go to war with each other. The White Iron nomads travel from town to town, spreading trade and sometimes during times of war being hired as mercenaries.
Iskans believe in a monstrous world of spirits in the afterlife. Sometimes their priests or priestesses are able to carve runes that can draw energy and power from the spirit world and can be used for a great many things.

There are a race of giants that live among the Iskans. They look just like normal Iskans except they are usually 3 or 4 times the height of a normal person.
Only one giant character per person.

In the spirit world, souls of people who have died have the chance to complete several near impossible trials on order to escape and come back to life. Very few have been successful at doing it, and when they return to life they look just as they did before, except with silver eyes and only faint memories of the spirit world. Revenants are very hard to kill a second time and are often feared by normal people.
Only 3 revenants will start off in the RP for now.

Name // Human, giant or revenant? // Kelmian, Nomad or Iskan? // Gender // Age
Description, looks, personality, history, etc.

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Ink Jackal

Posts : 13430
Join date : 2013-09-17
Age : 19
Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: Autumna Info   Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:57 am


Emilia // Human // Kelmian // Female // 19
Emilia is a very short girl with very long dark brown hair and blue eyes. What she lacks in height, strength or skill she makes up for with wit, cleverness, and stubbornness. She's feisty, talkative and always speaks her mind. She is the daughter of a simple fisherman in Port Kelmia.


Taita // Revenant // White Iron Nomad // Male // 22
Taita is a little taller than average height with darker tan skin with some freckles. He has chiseled features, high cheekbones and the haunting silver eyes of a revenant. His hair is dark auburn and goes a few inches past his shoulders, which he always keeps back in a braid with some longer bangs in the front. Taita doesn't like how nervous some people get around him but he tries not to let it show that it gets to him. He's silent most of the time but when someone actually attempts to be friendly with him he gets a bit more talkative. He likes animals, especially horses and he's one of the main horse trainers for the White Iron nomads. He fights with a bow and arrow most of the times but sometimes an ax or spear if it gets to close combat. He doesn't like to talk at all about how he died or what he remembers of the spirit world. He rides a black and white horse.


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Autumna Info
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