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 Time Unbroken 2.0

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PostSubject: Time Unbroken 2.0   Time Unbroken 2.0 EmptyTue Jul 16, 2019 11:47 pm

It was night when you saw it. A giant flash in the night sky, that seemed to warp into existence where it did exist before. Once you where all alone, you leave the safety of you home in search for the source of the light. Deep in the forest you see in, the cause to the strange light in the sky. On the forest ground, with a few trees scattered across the ground around a strange shape. Smooth and sleek looking the thing that almost looked like some mix between the shape of a bean and a RV Camper. A small bubble bulged out from the bottom of the body, and six legs held it off the ground. Lights flickered and covered the body of the silver ship in a rainbow of colors, some indescribable. A pair of legs stuck out from under the underside bulge. A male figure sat on an open door way of the body of the strange machine.  
"Oh! Great!" A female's voice echoed out from where the feet stuck out. You peer around the side of a large tree, trying to stay hidden. "Well, according to the time gage, we are only gonna be here for about 3 hours, maybe 4 at the most. So don't get comfortable Griffin."
"I wont, I never do." The man snaps from where he sits on the door step, his eyes closed and his head resting lazily on one hand perched upon his knee.
"Well....we defiantly aren't in either of our times..." The girl said. 
"No dip Sherlock!" The guy growls as he opens his eyes to look at her. "I'm from hell on earth and your from a fake heaven." he snapped as his eyes suddenly darted from her to you. "Hey, uh, Tria...We've got company." The guy says pointing to you.  
You gasp and go to turn to run but stumble and fall over a tree root reaching up from the ground. The man quickly jumps up and runs over, grabbing your wrist and dragging your squirming body back to the shining light of the ship.
"Oh great.." The girl says as she squirms her way out from under the area she was working on the machine.. "Uh, hi I am Altria." She says to you before smacking and giving the man a scolding face, "Come inside and I'll explain. She says as she walks into the ship. You  are forced inside by the man holding onto you. She explains how she is from the year 2707. The world is running low on resources and her father was suppose to go to the future and find a suitable place for human to live. He became deathly ill and upon hearing that the project was to be canceled she stole her fathers time machine before it was finished. All she knew of the guy next to her was that he was from 3007. "Now that you know all of this... I kind of can't let you leave...." She said looking down sorrily.
"So... Welcome aboard, prisoner!" The guy laughed.
"GRIFFIN!" She growled. 
So Basically:
You are a person who ran into a time traveler and are now traveling through time on a broken Flying time machine called "The Flyer" along with 6 other people, including your captain Altria. But see there is a catch. Once you start to time travel you stop aging until you return to the time you came from. There are currently 5 out of 5 spots open for people to be included in the rp. 

FyreOfTheNyght: Altria [All-tree-ah]  Louventa: 16: Female: 2707: Tria has bright red hair with pale skin and bright blue eyes. She wears a stretchy fabric called everlast that is used to keep the body warm, dry and cool when it's hot. She wears a long green shirt over her pale blue everlast suit. She has chrome colored knee high boots and black fingerless gloves.She has freckles covering her body. Her ears are pierced twice. : With limited resources she set out to save her dying father but forgot that the time flyer was broken...: Tria is a kind hearted young lady. She is always trying keep everyone safe and yet still trying to find a cure for her father. She enjoys a good laugh no and then but is most often serious. 
Undying Crew:
FyreOfTheNyght: Ben [Griffin] Cutter : 18:  male: 3007: Griffin is tall standing about 6 foot 6 inches. He has a very large build. He is tanned skinned and spiked blonde hair. He has a tattoo of a griffin  on his left peck. On the right side of his neck he has a tattoo of the claw marks that look like it rips into his flesh. He wears a maroon vest and green shorts. He has boots but rarely wears the boots. : He was forced into the protection group and he jumped on the chance to run away.: He is a rude person and often annoying. He can be kind but when he is it's hard to tell because he's awkward with it. He is careless and adventurous. 

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Time Unbroken 2.0
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