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 Time Unbroken 2.0

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PostSubject: Time Unbroken 2.0   Time Unbroken 2.0 EmptyTue Jul 16, 2019 11:47 pm

It was night when you saw it. A giant flash in the night sky, that seemed to warp into existence where it did exist before. Once you where all alone, you leave the safety of you home in search for the source of the light. Deep in the forest you see in, the cause to the strange light in the sky. On the forest ground, with a few trees scattered across the ground around a strange shape. Smooth and sleek looking the thing that almost looked like some mix between the shape of a bean and a RV Camper. A small bubble bulged out from the bottom of the body, and six legs held it off the ground. Lights flickered and covered the body of the silver ship in a rainbow of colors, some indescribable. A pair of legs stuck out from under the underside bulge. A male figure sat on an open door way of the body of the strange machine.  
"Oh! Great!" A female's voice echoed out from where the feet stuck out. You peer around the side of a large tree, trying to stay hidden. "Well, according to the time gage, we are only gonna be here for about 3 hours, maybe 4 at the most. So don't get comfortable Griffin."
"I wont, I never do." The man snaps from where he sits on the door step, his eyes closed and his head resting lazily on one hand perched upon his knee.
"Well....we defiantly aren't in either of our times..." The girl said. 
"No dip Sherlock!" The guy growls as he opens his eyes to look at her. "I'm from hell on earth and your from a fake heaven." he snapped as his eyes suddenly darted from her to you. "Hey, uh, Tria...We've got company." The guy says pointing to you.  
You gasp and go to turn to run but stumble and fall over a tree root reaching up from the ground. The man quickly jumps up and runs over, grabbing your wrist and dragging your squirming body back to the shining light of the ship.
"Oh great.." The girl says as she squirms her way out from under the area she was working on the machine.. "Uh, hi I am Altria." She says to you before smacking and giving the man a scolding face, "Come inside and I'll explain. She says as she walks into the ship. You  are forced inside by the man holding onto you. She explains how she is from the year 2707. The world is running low on resources and her father was suppose to go to the future and find a suitable place for human to live. He became deathly ill and upon hearing that the project was to be canceled she stole her fathers time machine before it was finished. All she knew of the guy next to her was that he was from 3007. "Now that you know all of this... I kind of can't let you leave...." She said looking down sorrily.
"So... Welcome aboard, prisoner!" The guy laughed.
"GRIFFIN!" She growled. 
So Basically:
You are a person who ran into a time traveler and are now traveling through time on a broken Flying time machine called "The Flyer" along with 6 other people, including your captain Altria. But see there is a catch. Once you start to time travel you stop aging until you return to the time you came from. There are currently 4 out of 5 spots open for people to be included in the rp. 

Joining Forum:
SN: Name: Age: Gender: Time From: Description: History: Personality: Other

Scarzie: Altria [All-tree-ah]  Louventa: 18: Female: 2507: Altria has long curly copper hair and tan skin. She has deep hazel colored eyes and is covered in freckles all over her face and shoulders. She has two piercings down the cartilage of her ears. Altria has some tattoos that glow blue on her cheek bones. She has the same glowing tattoos of a small row of dots down her neck and on her shoulders as well. Altria only ever wears a suit called an "everlast" suit that regulates body temperature as well as it is able to look like any sort of fashion the wear wants it to. She normally just has it as a silver one piece suit with blue markings that match the color of her tattoos. She wears "everboots" that much like the everlast suit can take on any form. She normally has them as flat shoes. : Alrtia grew up in 2507. After the 2000's climate scare and strict laws and regulations came into place the planet was steered away from global destruction but the planet still declined as tension between super powered nations rose. Four major groups emerged, the US (which had over time taken over Canada and South america), Russia, China (Which took over the middle east, Japan and Australia) and Europe (Which had taken over Africa). Resources where growing sparce over the planet and in attempts to have humanity the top scientists from each super power were sent to work with each other on a time travel machine made out of a unique space metal, that was found at the center of a collapsed black hole. The goal was to create a craft and with a specialized team find a time in the future for humanity to move to in order to repopulate the planet. If no suitable time was to be found another team of specialized scientists were to be sent back in time to help slow the depletion of the planet. Altria's father was one of the ones working on the project but the team was having problems getting the time dial to function and were told to give up on the mission. Her father however was insistent that he had fixed the problem, and to prove it had Altria enter the ship, called the Flyer, and sent it through time. The dial was still broken and Altria was flung through time and us stuck unable to get back home without a working Dial. She hopes that the Flyer will take her to someone who can potentially help her.  : Altria is a head strong girl with a head strong attitude. Once her mind is put to something she will do it. She is very much a mother figure and will do anything to protect her people and keep them safe. As for the first person she met, she has grown very protective of the depressed Griffin. She is also a very caring person and will willing put herself in harms way before letting others get hurt. She is a bit prideful though and won't let anyone else touch or mess with the Flyer's controls. : Altria is the team's Captain and is in charge of all the others.
Undying Crew:
Scarzie: Ben [Griffin] Cutter : 29:  Male: 3007: Griffin is a tall standing human, standing at around 6 foot 6 inches tall but unlike most people of his size he is not thin boned and lanky, he is instead a well muscled man and almost a bit more on the rounder side almost making him look like a bear. Griffin is a deep olive tan color skin tone with bright blue eyes that almost seem to burn with a brilliant fire. His hair is an extravagant blonde color making him all that much more easy to pick out in a crowd. Griffin has a massive three claw scar mark on the left side of his neck that runs down to his left collar bone. Across his back, right peck, shoulders and arms a massive tattoo of a Griffin spans his skin. The head of the griffin is at his peck on his chest and the wings crawl down his arms and shoulders as the body of the griffin is on his back. The intricate tattoo is often time covered up by a knee length brown leather coat covered in blood stains, dirt, scrapes and scratches and sewn back together. Griffin rarely ever wears a shirt and when he does it's most often a worn and tattered tank top. He wears faded jeans with wears and holes in the legs held up by an old leather belt thats about to fall apart. His boots aren't in much better shape with a hole in the toe and the soles loose. Despite Altria's requests Griffin refuses to wear an everlast suit. One of griffins ears is pierced. Griffin comes from a time when the earth is dead. There are three classes of society, the high ranking humans (Often called the Nobles) who live in floating cities covered in glass domes with air filtration that float high above the ground. The second is the middle class (often called Blues who live on floating islands lower than the nobles and uncovered by a glass dome. The Blues are often farmers and blue collar type people. The last class is the poor class (Often called Rats or Fodder) these are the people who live on the ground of the once dead planet. They also make up about 70% of the human population left (25% being the Blues and 5% being the nobles). The lowest class is hunted for sport by the Nobles through machines called MECHS (Mechanical Extermination Control Helpers) causing the Rats to hunt the Mechs in return. Griffin coming from the lowest class as a renound Mech Hunter, has a slight hate for people who didn't struggle to survive. Griffin grew up in the Slums as a unwanted son to a mother and father but was loved by his brother. His sibling was often breaking the Law of Expression, a law which forbids the creative thoughts and minds. His brother would draw and make music all the time and encourage his younger brother to do the same. His brother drew him a photo of a griffin and told him that it was a symbol of power and freedom and that he should aspire to be like a griffin. Shortly after his 6th birthday his older brother was murdered and slaughtered by Mechs one night. Griffin's parents blamed it upon him and beat him before throwing him out of the house. Griffin grew up on the streets kept alive by witts (and the help of a strange man called Zoul) until he was 12 years old and he started to make a name for himself hunting down Mechs and selling their parts. He met a young man about his same age who was into refurbishing the parts. Scotty and Griffin quickly became friends. Within a year Scotty and Griffin were hunting mechs making weapons and selling them in the markets of the slums. Once they were profitable Griffin got the tattoo when he was 15 and met a women named Lizaria who he became very close with. She and him spent a lot of time but one day when he was 20 she went missing. 3 years later she turned up at his door begging for help, covered in bruises and pregnant. She explained to him that her father sold her to a Noble to pay off debt and she had escaped him and came to him for protection. Griffin took her in and kept her safe for 5 months until she gave birth to a child. Due to complications and there not being an proper doctor in the area Lizaria passed away from blood loss and a torn cervix, but she named her son Brandon and left him in the care of Griffin who nicknamed him Badger and raised him for 5 years. Griffin was out hunting a mech when he got caught off guard and was captured by mechs and taken to the Noble council. Griffin was tortured for almost a year before he was released as a work slave for the Nobles. While out in the field he saw a flash of light and broke himself out of the work camp before disappearing into the wastes where he found Altria. : Griffin is kind of gruff and harsh spoken not always realizing how harmful his words can be. He is an amazingly loyal person though and is willing to put anyone he cares about above his own priorities. His also has a soft spot for kids: Griffin carries with him a short dagger with the carving of a dragon on it. Griffin worked as a blacksmith taking the metal from Mechs and reworking them to be weapons for Mech Hunters.

Alpine Ink: Teresa As’Meviah: 23: female: 1609: Teresa is a short woman at 5’0” with honey tan skin, hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. She has a straight bridge leading to a petite nose, thick brows, small mouth and a soft chin that gives her a regal profile not unlike women depicted on an old Greek coin. Her curly dark brown hair is usually pulled up into a bun, but for all she tries there are still untameable wisps of hair everywhere. She likes to wear very neat pleated clothing, like a uniform or a suit, usually in blues and greens.: Teresa likes her comforts and her comfort zone. She prefers to read and study inside, but every once in a while she gets the impulse to be a bit reckless and rebellious. She can be shy about it but knows she has to ask or act to get what she wants. She’s clever and quick-witted, but doesn’t hide her emotions well.

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