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 The World of Glace [INFO]

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Alpine Ink

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The World of Glace [INFO] Empty
PostSubject: The World of Glace [INFO]   The World of Glace [INFO] EmptyThu Jun 18, 2020 1:00 am

This info applies to any RP that's under "the World of Glace" category.

Pretty much anywhere, except for maybe Meviah, you can create characters with magic powers, or demon characters, or mythical creature characters, etc. as long as they're not OP. It can happen within Meviah, but there needs to be a bit of an explanation as to how that sorcerer/creature character got to Meviah in the first place, and how they manage to hide either themselves or their powers from others.

Magic attaches itself to living organic things, from plants, to people, to animals. Creatures known as chimeras ("chimera" is used as a catch-all term for any type of mythical creature) were historically created from magic by the first sorcerers thousands of years ago.

Mythical creatures are the greatest source of magic within any living thing, so they (or rather their corpses) are highly prized to be used for casting magic. It's pretty dangerous to be a chimera species around any human settlements.

So far there are only two known ways of drawing magic from living things...

Option 1 is by using water, slowly distilling organic material into water. This is mostly ideal with plants that contain magic properties, to make tea, but takes longer and is usually weaker magic. For the magic to have effect on someone they need to drink that water, or steam the water until it evaporates into the air to cast an effect.

Option 2 is to burn plants or the body parts of a chimera. This will have a magical effect in the smoke of the fire. It can have an affect on the people who breathe in the smoke and air that the magic is released into by the fire. This is the way a new sorcerer gains their powers, but killing a chimera, burning their body, and gaining whatever powers the chimera had for themselves. Burning plants again has a much weaker effect.

There are consequences to gaining magic though, the sorcerer or anyone affected with magic will take on more traits than just the chimera's former powers. For example, if some lucky sorcerer were to kill an ice-breathing dragon and burn its corpse, that sorcerer may gain the ability to create or breathe ice and frost at will, but it will also gradually give them other traits of an ice-dragon, like a drastically lower body temperature, frost-scale growing over their skin, etc. Many of these transformations can be fatal to a sorcerer if they happen too quickly or are too incongruent with the human body's natural functions. To gain the ability to breathe ice a person's internal organs would have to change so drastically in order to create that ice in their stomachs. Same goes for fire-breathing and other types of powers.

Some of these fire-spells don't work on humans, especially ones that use a combination of plants to be burned. These spells are the kind that will only affect certain species of chimera or creatures, they can ward off demons. These are the most common ones that even peasants use sometimes, they will throw the right herbs into a lantern and carry it around with them to keep themselves safe from demons or ghosts.
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The World of Glace [INFO]
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